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The important guidelines to follow for designing logos for kids
Creating logos for children, no matter how easy it may sound, but according to some recent research and survey results, the market of kids depends entirely on the logo designs. The more a logo is easy to be remembered the more it will be creating an impact in the minds of the kids, and their babies. A mother is the primary target of the goods and services and event managing industry revolving around children. If the parents' attention is grabbed successfully, a child will be surely taken to the brand; it is as simple as that. Therefore, what is important is to create an area of trust and belief among the parents regarding a brand, which can only be done by establishing an attractive design for the kid's logo.

According to a recent survey, conducted on the parents globally, a good logo design for the kids must contain:

  • The logos comprising of the animals are preferred by most of the target audience, especially the mothers. 59% of the parents had their votes in the inclusion of the animal imageries in the logos. This also helps the children to identify the names of the creatures quickly.
  • The logos incorporating the images of the children was voted by 53% of the parents, which means that after animals, the pictures with babies in the logo had a secondary effect among the parents.
  • The incorporation of geometrical shapes like circles, triangles and even quadrilaterals turned out to be the most insignificant influencing elements in the logo designing platform for the kids. An exception of the heart shape is there though.
  • The abstract shapes turned out to be inefficient for the children logo designing. Such configurations and utilizations of random colors are difficult to comprehend for the target audience or kids. Even if the parents can find it easily understandable, it 's hard for the kids to make an understanding or appeal out of it.

Logos that are easily remembered by the mothers of the target audience, i.e., kids

  • In the conducted survey, 70% of the parents voted for the simple designs of the logos which have no extra detailing, elements or even characters.
  • 60% + parents from Russia, and 95%+ parents from Europe, Canada and the United States of America voted in favour of bright and multi-colored logos. If your business revolves around the manufacturing of cosmetics, toys, and clothes, ask your logo designing team to create a vivid brand image.
  • Effective logos contain both symbols and texts which create a permanent memory among 65% of the mothers.
  • Over 60% f the parents think that the logos of the kid's product must contain the animated or cartoon characters as it makes the logo for the children fun and appealing.


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