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The best inspiring art forms for your company’s essential logo designing project
Creation of corporate identity or branding is all about designing a logo for the enterprise. A logo builds up the value for which it has been created by the creative graphic designer. The artistic logo designing is all about creating abstract logos which are colorful, yet attractive enough to catch the glimpse and turn some heads of the people and also creating potential clients and consumers out of them. If you see the line art logo designs of the premium brands like Wolf Line Art, Tom Appleton, Motus, Copper Creek, etc. You will be able to understand that artistic themed logos are all about being sophisticated, appealing as well as communicative at the same time. The logo must be able to create a permanent impression on the minds of the consumers and clients of the business, for a long haul.

The top three art forms that can be the inspiration for your company's logo creation

1. Bauhaus
In the year 1919, the lifestyle of Bauhaus Art Form was founded found in Weiner’s Germany. The basic idea of Bauhaus art movement is the removal of any element that is superfluous. This form of art also segregates the entire design t its essential elements. This inspiration is found in the brand logos of Axion and FabooTaboo. The aesthetics of this art form hint on the designs to be created in the simple, bold, uncomplicated and daring way.

2. Art Deco
Art Deco is contemporary to the Bauhaus, which was founded in the year 1920, in Paris. This school of art also showcases the strength of color as well as the sparsity of the material. Art Deco form of art is a stylized representation of the shapes. The logo designs based on this school of art like those of the New York's Rockefeller Center, Mother Tower of Chicago have the principal elements of the confluence of geometrical shapes besides the symbols of modernization.

3. Blaxploitation
The art form of blaxploitation gives the retro feel of the era of the 1970s. This is one of the typical American art forms which are loud, bright and effortlessly eye-catching. The large, fluorescent schemed letters favored the aesthetic od readability, which is a huge contrast to the art forms of Europe. Another striking point of this art form is that you can give it a washed-out effect for deafening of the colors for the procurement of a vintage look for your logo. Super Fry, Poster Gully, Marvel’s Luke Cage are the logos that are blindly based on this school of logo designing.


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