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Why cartoon inspired logo designs can fetch you fortunes in your business
Cartoon characters known and unknown have always appealed to the human eyes and emotions of joy and excitement. The cartoonized versions of anything have got the ability to make the humans forget any of their woes and worries of the mundane life. Globalization, somehow, devised out a much more unique utilization of these colourful wonderments by using them to create a mass awareness of any kind of business brand. The biggest example if you ask can be cited in the forms of the Disney characters as toys and logos for numerous merchandizes, the Pillsbury doughboy and Michelin man of Michelin tyres. The comic images have always been flexible when it comes to appealing with the people of any age group, (yes, even the ‘grown-ups’). They come with the right message at the right time when the focus of the viewers is on it/them.

What you can opt for while making use of the cartoonized imageries as your brand logos

1. Use your face as the icon
Cartoonized imageries to be used for logo designing. This is a great idea to reach out to the potential clients and customers for your business (of any kinds). But it is also important to think, for exactly what thing should you use as your inspiration for turning into an animated avatar of? If it requires, you can get yourself, the very owner of your business to get cartoonized as your brand logo. Want a living example? Check for yourself, the logo of Kentucky’s Fried Chicken or KFC which has got an appealing cartoonized imagery of its founder, Colonel Sanders. He is a known figure of this QSR giant, all around the world.

2. If you are not much into limelight, imagine and create
Starbucks, Wendy’s McDonald’s and Jack in the Box, all have one thing in common; their logos incorporate cartoonized mascots which are imaginative imageries of the designers. The little girl, the mermaid, the clowns and jester, all are associated with spreading the words of the brands they represent to the mass. If you look closer, you will find remarkable usages of colours, geometrical and abstract shapes and bold fonts that catch the very first glance of the people whenever the people are near around the logos.

3. If nothing works, try to showcase your product
Suppose, you are dealing in food; then blindly put your faith in the caricature of the food that you deal in. Make sure that you use the cartoonized imagery in such a way that it tantalizes the taste buds of the onlooker. The perfect usages of colours, fonts, shadow effects, bevel effects, highlights and the correct combination of the contrasts must be incorporated while creating a cartoonized logo for your business.


Cartoon logos create a sense of well-being and optimism in a fun way.Get Your Logo

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