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Following are a few of the design services
'Logo Design Team' offers you, and the process for each is the same as that for custom logo design.

At 'Logo Design Team', we believe in creating positive and ample returns on your investments. Simply put, we want your business to do well, and want to do all we can to help out. Since we spend a lot of time and real effort to understand your company and your business needs while designing your logo, it is easy for us create design concepts for other identity-related marketing or advertising needs. Having designed your logo we know what you want in terms of your image, the sort of graphics and fonts you would like and the target audience you are catering to.

And in case you already have your logo but require a face lift for your ad campaign or need to add to your existing identity portfolio, we can still study your organization and come up with marketing and advertising aids that would be an asset.

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  • Website Design:
    You may be looking towards giving your brick-and-mortar business a virtual presence. Or, you are an online company looking for a fresh appearance. Our creative and experienced web design experts can help you with all your web design needs. A visitor will only consider your business legitimate on the strength of your web appearance and the integrity it projects. With us, you get the best designers at affordable rates. And of course, we give you constant personal attention throughout your project.


  • Brochure Design:
    Brochures are crucial for the marketing endeavor of any company. They tell your customers about the services or products you carry and that you are better than your competition. Types include bi-fold, tri-fold or z-fold brochures. We pay attention to your input, and create a winning brochure that your marketing teams would be thrilled to carry along. [View Portfolio]


  • Flyer Design:
    In case you need pamphlets for mass distribution, our designers can also create flyers that are high on impact but low on price. You can be sure of running a successful campaign with the aid of our innovatively designed flyers. We design single sides and double sided flyers. [View Portfolio]


  • Illustration:
    The talented designers are equally at home with artistic as well as realistic illustration. Whether it is science fiction, romance, fantasy or portraiture, our illustrators will not disappoint you. Illustration, whether digital or otherwise, can be an important part of your advertising campaignand our creative and professional touch will help you get positive results. [View Portfolio]


  • Mascot Design:
    Mascot is your brand ambassador who can represent you everywhere. Our expert creative artists would love to design multiple concepts for your mascot, that would be suitable for your business and engage your target audience with strong brand recall attributes.


  • UI / UX Design:
    User Interface and User Experience of any app play an important role in the acceptability of that interface designs, that go well with all devices and OS.


  • Package Design:
    When it comes to selling a product off the shelf, a lot hinges on the first impression. If your package label catches the shopper's eye, you have an improved chance of making a sale. Which is where 'Logo Design Team' comes in. We make sure that the package label oozes your brand identity and draws in the customer. [View Portfolio]


  • Stationery Design:
    When you send in your correspondence, your stationery speaks volumes about your company, who you are and what you are worth. We have a specialist team just for stationery designs. Order your stationery along with logo design orders, and you can gain amazing concessions! [View Portfolio]


  • Animation:
    Somethings moving and you turn a blind eye? Simply not position! Likewise, our Animated Videos would not only catch your audiences attention but also clearly explain what your business does. Most importantly, our Animation would put forward your advantages to your prospects and compel them to think positively about buying your products & services. Our experienced animation team can take care of everything required i.e. script, storyboard, graphics, voice over, animation and sound effects, and beyond! Ready to take a move? [View Portfolio]


  • Infographic Design:
    The innovative way to present complex data and information in a simple, visually appealing way! And we have been one of the pioneers in design Infographics. Ideal for customer engagement and awareness, Infographics are high on demand for the digital marketers. Our expert content designers have served small, medium and large organizations for promotional and editorial Infographics.


  • 3D Model Design:
    It is not really in front of you, but you can still see it! No magic here! We create 3D models of any object, animal, human being and anything else. You can view the models from any angel and get mesmerized with their photo-realistic impact. Our imaginative designers create what you visualize in your mind and present you creative 3D models resembling the same.


  • Presentation:
    Be it a corporate presentation or a sales deck, this important collateral of your business must look super impressive. Your Presentation should talk of you and for you, right? Our creative team custom designs the presentation for you, based on the content and how you want to use it. The types of presentations include clean & professional, minimalistic design, Infographic style design to highlights facts & figures or animated presentation to make it more engaging. Choice is yours.


  • Catalog Design:
    If your marketing teams can carry a handy catalog for all your services and products your customers get a very clear, concise picture of what your company is all about. At'Logo Design Team', we design catalogs that will represent your business effectively, and create maximum impact. We can design catalogs in any shape or size you want. We create online catalogs as well as printable versions.


  • Backdrop Design:
    If you are looking for custom-designed background images and backdrop designs, the graphic designers at 'Logo Design Team' have innovative solutions for you. With our creative backdrop designs, the complete atmosphere looks rocking and thrilling. Perfect for engaging a mass audience to your brand, without spending a hand and a leg.


  • Posters Design:
    The success of posters and signs lies in how well they can create an instant recall of the brand. We believe in designing posters and signs that translate into sales. We have designed posters for all kinds of businesses, from local restaurants to multinational corporate houses.


  • Caricature Design:
    Cartoons and caricatures can spice up any publication or advertisement. Whether you are a serious company trying to get a more relaxed image or a news syndicate running cartoon columns, we are able to give you single panel cartoon designs and caricatures that are just right for you and are guaranteed to bring in the laughs. [View Portfolio]
  • Icon Design:
    If you are looking for icons designed just for your web pages and matching your exact requirements, you have come to the right place. No work is too large or too small, and we work out icons for small businesses to large corporations in our typically individualized style.


  • Game Graphic Design:
    Games are one of the most used applications cutting across demographic line. However, the appeal of a game lies in its graphics along with its features. We have an expert team that creates amazing graphics for all kinds of game. Are you game for it?


  • E-book & Book Cover Design:
    Do you have an e-book manuscript and need it formatted and designed into a striking e-book, that would sell and attract good reviews? If yes, you need to let our professionals do the work for you. Also, if you want your book or magazine to stand out in the crowd at a news-stand or bookshop, we can help you design the cover as well.


  • Card Design:
    Be it for inviting your near and dear ones for the big party or for greeting your friends & partners on special events, an awesome card can really pump up the warmth in your relationship. Our cards are suave, formal, trendy, humorous or casual depending on what you want.


  • Flash Headers:
    In case you want to hold the attention of a visitor on your website, the answer to attracting them may lie in a flash header. We generate flash headers with moderate animation, so your customer's computer does not slow down and he or she is attracted to the page to read its content about your products and services instead of being distracted by the header itself. For instance, a flash header could be the way to set the tone of your website if you are related to the entertainment world, so that visitors stop by after being drawn in by the flashy header.


  • Social Media Graphic Design:
    Everyday, millions of nicely designed graphics are shared on social media for multiple objectives. It may be for information, for fun, for expressing opinions or emotions and what not. We create highly engaging creative graphics that convey appropriate message and work great on social media. Our clients and their audience love us for such graphics.


  • 3D Perspective Design:
    Be it the most cherished interior of your dream home or the swanky designs of the stalls for the next big event, our 3D experts bring alive amazing 3D perspective designs, based on the given blue plan. These designs help you to visualize the designs even before you start building them. This service is specially oriented for civil contractors, interior designers and event planners.



Please contact us in case you require any of these services or have design ideas in other categories, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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