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The company logo almost always finds its way in every marketing and advertising campaign that a company initiates. The company logo is always the central player in any company's efforts at building its brand to its existing and potential customers. Thus, your logo design shouldn't be arbitrarily decided. The following are some of the things that any business owner must know about logo design.


Simply Striking


Your company logo must stand out and it must be easy to remember. Some people think that an elaborately designed and crafted logo will make the best statement. Well, it doesn't work that way.

Think about it. You want your logo to be remembered. An ornately designed logo will be easily noticed but not remembered. It might strike your target consumers but your consumers are probably going to forget it immediately. In fact, your logo design may even strike your consumers the wrong way.

You want your logo to have unity, simplicity and elegance in its design. Thus, your company logo must use only one or two font design, sizes and styles. For the split moment that people are going to be looking at it, you want your company logo to be readily absorbed by these people's consciousness. After several times of being seen, a simply designed logo will stand a better chance of being remembered than an intricately detailed one. If you doubt this bit of logo design wisdom, just think about Google's and Yahoo's logos. You don't see these premier corporations tagging a lot of unnecessary elements in their logo, do you?


Sparingly but Appropriately Colored


An offshoot of the simple design, your logo must be sparingly but appropriately colored. As much as possible, do not use more than two or three colors in your logo design. First of all, too many colors impede brand recognition. Over coloring could also result in a dirty-looking logo.

You must use only colors that evoke the right reactions in your target market. For instance, if you are in the food business, the color red has been found quite effective. Add some complementing colors (consult your color wheel) and you have a beautiful color combination.

There are also colors to avoid when designing your logo. There are color combinations that people perceive negatively such as the yellow and black combo that makes some people think of being stung by a bee. Of course, perceptions of color vary from person to person. Therefore, it would be better if you have resources or consumer surveys that will tell you what colors and color combinations your target market finds most appealing. Generally, blue is the most widely accepted color.


Professionally Designed


Both the above mentioned characteristics are encompassed by the term professionally designed. Professionally designed logos are anchored on the business concept and on the consumers being targeted. They are logos that will give your company the veneer of trustworthiness and professionalism that will guarantee your customers' trust. They are also the work of professionals with the talent and expertise to give your company the image that you want.

If you truly value your company's image, you would do well to seek the help and advice of logo design professionals. Only these people who are well-versed in the intricacies of logo design can assure your company of simply striking, sparingly yet appropriately colored, and overall, professionally designed logos.


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