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First impressions last and image is everything. Much cliched as these statements are, nobody can deny that both are true and that both are vital to business operations. Your customers must have a good impression of you so they will trust you with their concerns. You must have a very good image as well, for this same purpose. Thus, you must give deliberate consideration to your company logo design.


The Importance of an Exemplary Logo Design

Your company logo will probably be an essential part of your first contact with your potential customers. Your target consumers will see your logo when you send them marketing emails. Your logo will be a major part of your print and TV commercials. Your company logo will also be prominently displayed in your company correspondence and company website.


Customers interested in availing of the services you offer or consumers who are cruising the internet for your kind of company will be seeing your company logo before they even contact you. Moreover, your existing customers will begin to associate your company logo with your company name and service, and vice versa.


Your logo is something that will distinguish your company from among other companies who are targeting the same niche market that you are. If you don't exert every effort to making your logo design remarkable, your company logo and thus your company will become another inconsequential company trying to climb in vain to the top of its industry.


For these reasons and for the sake of your brand and company awareness building purposes, it is crucial that your company logo be something tasteful and elegant. It must have a design that your company will be proud to carry and have associated with your company. Indeed, the importance of a well-executed logo design cannot be denied.


The Elements of a Well-Executed Logo Design

To make your logo stand out, you need to consider the elements of a well-designed logo. First, you have to decide what type of logo your company should have. Is it to be your company name (text-based), your company initials, your brand symbol (brand mark-based), or a combination of your company name and brand sign (icon logo)? Choosing the right type of logo for your company involves looking at your company budget, your company name, and your business concept.


After deciding on the type of logo, you now need to decide on the design itself. Under this consideration will fall choosing the right fonts, styles, size, colors and graphic enhancements as applicable (a brand mark logo type will not require text and a text-based logo design will not require graphic elements).


The colors you use in your logo design should be carefully chosen based on the reactions you wish to elicit from your target audience. People do instinctively react to colors so you must be careful about your color choices. The styles and fonts you use should be selected based on readability and aesthetic value. Finally, your graphic illustrations should be chosen for their impact and relevance to your company name and services. Finally, your logo should be adaptable to various uses. For instance, it should be usable and recognizable in billboards and company letterheads.


There are a lot more to logo design than those mentioned above. To make sure that you get your logo design right, it is advisable that you consult logo design professionals.



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