Demand Your Vector!

Stretch it with no distortion

If you aren't in the design business, you might not be familiar with terms like "raster" and "vector". Now is a great time to acquaint yourself with them.


When you hire a logo design firm, they will deliver your graphics in an electronic format. There are many different file types and protocols, but all of them neatly fall into one of two categories. Either a file is in a vector or raster format.


Many logo design companies will take your money, produce a logo and send it to you in a raster format. That might seem fine as you integrate the graphics into your website and throughout your online business. However, when you decide to bring your logo into the "real world," you will be very upset.


That's because raster file formats do not allow one to enlarge graphics for printing purposes. Your raster logo design might look fine on a web page, but you will never be able to effectively bring it to life offline.


If you try to pump it up to the necessary resolution, the result will be distorted beyond recognition. It will be unusable.


Vector file formats are a bit different. You can enlarge a vector graphic to any size without showing any distortion whatsoever. In other words, it will convert perfectly for printing or any other use.


Many of the "other guys" supply their customers with files in a raster format. That might be a byproduct of laziness, an indication of an unwillingness to go the "extra mile," or evidence that they don't really understand how important a great logo design really is to a business' overall well-being.


Others will hold out the possibility of getting the vector format files for an additional fee, almost like a form of logo blackmail.


We don't play games.


We send vectors. We send them to all of our logo design clients-even our most basic arrangement includes delivery of the vectors When we complete your amazing logo design, you will receive it so you can use it however you'd like. You may have planned to use your logo design on the web, but we are not just selling cheap "web logos." We go deeper. Our original logo design artistry is the kind of material you can (and will want to) put anywhere and everywhere.


Why settle for second best when you are talking about the very symbol of your enterprise? You deserve the best from top to bottom. The best designers, the best team, the best experience, the best artwork and, yes, the best file format.


Your finished logo design will be ready to copyright, trademark and use as you see fit-both online and offline. We make sure of that by supplying vector graphics with all of our packages.


Don't accept mere rasters. Demand vectors!



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