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Your company defines your logo and your logo defines you. This reinforcing relationship should be heeded if you want your company to make a distinct mark in the consciousness of your consumers. The following are some tips on how you can maximise the impact of your logo design in your brand building campaign.


Professional Logo Designers

If you want a professional-looking logo, then you should entrust your logo design to professionals. While you may want to avoid the cost of professional logo design help, it would be more costly in the long run to have a logo that people cannot remember.

Remember, your logo defines your company. When your logo design exudes professionalism and confidence, your company is imbued with the same characteristics. People will transfer their perception of your logo to your company. It is therefore very important that your company logo reflect the attributes that your target consumers value.

The input of professionals is invaluable to getting a logo design that communicates to your customers the image you want your company to have. Indeed, logo design professionals have the expertise and the skills to see that you get a very powerful corporate or business identity.


Simplicity is Key

While your professional logo design team may make suggestions, the logo design you end up with would still depend on your decisions and instructions. When you have to make decisions on how your final logo will look like, you have to remember that simplicity is key.

Logo design professionals know the value of keeping a logo as simple as possible. Do not override their good taste by suggesting a different color for every letter or every line in your logo. Keep your logo message (if it is text-based) simple, short and to the point. Keep your logo graphic design striking and easily memorable. If you doubt my word on this, just ask yourself why Nike has a simple checkmark for its logo.


Colored Identity

You have to establish your corporate colors and use these colors in your logo design. Your logo design color must reflect your industry. Blue works well for computer companies. Green is a good color choice for environmental awareness organisations. Just ask your logo design team's advice about what colors would work best with your business concept.


Pretty in Black and White

You may not always have color to make your logo stand out. Therefore, you should make sure that your business logo works well in both full color and black and white versions. This is important since your company logo will appear in all of your company communications and correspondence. Once you fax your document or photocopy it, your logo may not come out looking its best if you did not plan for just such an eventuality.


Vector versus Bitmap

All graphic images come in two types, vector and bitmap. Bitmap logos are generally more attractive and realistic looking. However, they are resolution-based and as such cannot be resized without sacrificing image quality. Vector images, on the other hand, are resolution independent and thus can be resized with relative impunity.

Since you are probably going to use your logo on your business cards, on your company letterheads, on your website, and even on your billboard advertisement, you'd want a very flexible and easily adaptable logo. To this end, make sure your logos are of the vector image type.



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