Logo Should be Original

Be yourself - avoid being copycat

Do you think McDonalds would be an internationally recognized icon if every hamburger joint used the "golden arches" as a symbol? How would Chevrolet distinguish itself if Ford used their instantly-recognized "bowtie" design? If an upstart software company decided to use the Microsoft logo, do you think Bill Gates' crew would let it slide?


Obviously, having an original logo is essential. You wouldn't want your competition sporting the same symbol you use to mark your business!


If you aren't careful, however, that could happen.


Many online "logo design" firms peddle "stock logos" to multiple buyers, making only slight changes along the way. They may sell the same logo design to a series of different companies! That seemingly clever logo design featuring a telephone handset might seem perfect for your telecommunications consultancy business, but it won't seem quite as brilliant when, a year after purchasing it, you find a dozen other people in the same line of work using it.


Your logo does a few important things. It creates legitimacy, makes you more recognizable, and attracts attention. It is a symbol of your business and what it does. The right logo design helps a lot, but its ability to get the job done is completely dependent upon its originality.


You won't seem like a legitimate business if you are sharing the same logo with a collection of other companies. Instead of standing out, you will fade into the crowd if you use a common logo design. People won't stop to see what you are doing if the logo leads them to believe they've "been there before."


It might seem tempting to save a few bucks with a recycled logo, but in the end, it will cost you. You won't gain any of the advantages that led you to look at logo design companies in the first place!


The solution is simple. Deal with a logo design firm that creates completely original work every time.


Logo Design Team handles each customer individually and produces a wholly original logo design every time. Our team of top-notch professional logo designers will work with you to create a new, never-before-seen logo that will distinguish you from the competition.

Just try to register your logo for trademark or copyright protection if you use a cheap logo design option! You'll soon discover that those cut-rate suppliers have left you with a big problem. You won't even truly own the rights to your company's new symbol. What a disaster!

Every original Logo Design Team logo belongs to the customer. They own it, free and clear. It's an original work you can use to build your business' recognition safely and securely.


You're in business to make money, and that's why you are shopping for a logo design. Make the smart business choice and get a completely original, professional logo design from Logo Design Team. You'll be glad you did.


Don't share one of the most important branding tools available! Demand an original logo design!



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