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Shape it up & shake all

The Shape of Great Logo Design


Logos are visual. An effective logo design specialist understands all aspects of visual appeal. Colour is important. The font, or style, of any writing makes a difference. Originality and artistry are essential. Another critical part of logo design is shape.


Do you know what shape would work best for your logo? Did you even know it might make a difference? Shaping is an essential consideration for the design of a winning logo.


Do you have a logo? If so, how is it shaped? Do you know why it looks that way? Are you sure that's the best shape to communicate your message?


If you don't currently have a logo, but need one, do you know what shape you should choose and why?


These are all important questions that professionals can answer.

Traditional geometric shapes can be favored in some circumstances. They create an appearance of balance that we seem to find naturally effective. Although you want a unique design that grabs attention, you don't want to stray into uncomfortable territory that completely defies a viewer's expectations. Basic geometric forms can be a great canvas from which to work.


Choosing the right shape and understanding the subconscious messages it conveys is an art. Strong core shapes can create a sense of strength, stability and credibility that works for many businesses. If not done correctly, however, there is a risk of producing a completely forgettable logo design.


In some situations, it may make sense to use "freeform" structures and shapes. However, this requires a special touch and a strong understanding of "what works." Those who believe any shape would make a great logo simply don't understand the psychology of the process. Freeform designs can create a sense of motion or a sense of being on "the cutting edge," but can backfire if handled unprofessionally.


Logo Design Team takes shape seriously. Our team of over seventy professional logo design artists has the education, background and experience to understand what kind of shapes will work for you. We take the guesswork out of shape choices and deliver logos with strong visual appeal.


It can be easy to lose track of some of the basics when working with a logo design. It's common to see amateurs obsess over graphic details and colour choices without really considering overall structures and forms. Professional logo designers, on the other hand, understand that selecting the right shape for a logo creates a foundation for success.


Your logo is the symbol of your business. It sends a strong message to prospective customers. You will want to be sure that logo design is sending the right message, and part of doing that is being absolutely certain that your logo features the right overall shape and structure.



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