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Benefits of using pantone colours


We use Pantone colors for every stationery and logo design project. We believe it's the best way to provide our customers with awesome work. Unless you are familiar with the design or printing industry, you may have a few questions about Pantone colors and why they matter. Here's our perspective on Pantone colors:



Pantone is a U.S. company who, in 1962, introduced a colour space plan. Pantone covers every color, from pitch black to a day-glow yellow! Each colour has its own Pantone number and "recipe." The company issues a flipbook filled with swatch cards featuring the full range of colour possibilities and assigning each a unique code.


Over the past forty-five years, virtually everyone in the colour world has adopted the Pantone system. It's the industry standard for those truly concerned about color.



Pantone colors are called "spot colors." That means they are a special blend of colors drawn from a palette of fourteen base colors. Pantone provides a perfect "recipe" for each and every color, enabling printers to duplicate a colour exactly.


In order to understand why that's so important, you need to know a little bit about the alternative: "process colors." That term describes a different way of producing colors.


colors are made by using four different base colors. The most commonly used process colour system is called CMYK, because it uses cyan (C) , magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K).


Basically, a colour image is separated into those four different process colors. While it's being separated, different screens made out of small dots are made. These separations are then placed on four printing plates. The printing press applies the colors on top of each other. The final result creates the appearance of a single color. However, the colors made from the CMYK process are not as vivid as spot colors. Additionally, the exact look of the colors may vary more than you would like.


Pantone spot colors produce eye-popping results that can be recreated by any printer. The Pantone "recipes" cover every possible hue and makes exact colour reproduction possible.


With spot colors, like the Pantone colors we use, the cost of printing can be reduced when you are only using one colour (in addition to black) because only one ink roller is needed and there is no cause to create a four-plate layer. If you are working with a very colorful piece, spot colors may increase printing costs somewhat, but the results will be spectacular.



So, now you know what Pantone colors are. The real question is why one should Pantone colors instead of relying on process colors or some other system?
The answer? Precision, consistency and reproducibility.


If your logo design features Pantone 300, you can be sure that any printer will be able to reproduce that exact same tone of blue. If, on the other hand, you tell the printer "it's blue," you could end up with thousands of different possibilities that wouldn't match your expectations. Even when an expert sees a colour and attempts to duplicate it, errors are possible. If you use process colors, the results still won't be as good.


Pantone colour coding solves the problem.


Pantone colors are part of the international language of design. We may have different ways of describing many things throughout the world, but when someone mentions a Pantone number, the meaning is crystal clear.


Many commercial printers and publishers use technology that readily imports Pantone information to insure perfect results.


Your logo design is important because of its flexibility. Its ability to effectively represent your business in a variety of settings is one of the things that makes it so important. Your logo may be reproduced thousands of times by many different printers and publishers.


We'll design your logo with Pantone colors, allowing you to get a perfect match every time you use it.


Pantone colors should be part of every great logo design.

As our customer, we believe you deserve the very best. That's why we design logos that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. However, we go beyond that. We supply you with a logo design that's ready to be used based on the best possible colour system. Perfect colour matches are critical and the Pantone system is the best way to make them happen. Did you know that Canada, South Korea and other nations have actual legislation saying which Pantone colors are to be used in their flags? Your logo may be for a business instead of a country, but it deserves that same standard of care and perfection. That's why we use Pantone colors.



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