Logo Design Files

Formats for digital, print & beyond

Once you finalise a logo design concept, we will send you your new logo in various graphic file formats.


All graphic images come in two types, vector and bitmap. Bitmap logos are resolution-based and as such cannot be resized without sacrificing image quality.


Whereas, Vector images, are resolution independent and thus can be resized without sacrificing image quality.


Since you are probably going to use your logo on your business cards, on your company letterheads, on your website, and even on your billboard advertisement, you'd want a very flexible and easily adaptable logo.


Thus, the Final logo package that will be sent to you will include files for using on your website as well as scalable vector file formats for print media, thereby providing you complete flexibility in the manner that you would like to use your logo in.


The file formats that we offer in a normal package will include : .eps, .tiff, .psd and .jpg (atleast 3 sizes). We also offer a grayscale version of the logo to suffice your Trademark Registration requirement. .eps will be the vector source file with all the design components segregated. You may use it for tweaking the logo yourself in future, if you may so wish.


If you need any additional file format, please let us know and we will try our best to satisfy your requirement.


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