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When it comes to logo design, communication is everything. Obviously, your final logo will communicate a great deal about your company. Communication is also important to the actual design process. You need to work with a logo design firm who is responsive to your needs and receptive to your ideas and inquiries.


"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak."


Those words come from the Greek philosopher Epictetus, and they do a great job of describing the Logo Design Team attitude toward customer communication. We understand that creating a perfect logo for you requires an understanding of what you want to accomplish, what your business does, and what kind of personal preferences you have. We don't mind talking about logo designs and what we do, but we make a strong point of listening to what our clients have to say.


It all starts with our online form. Customers tell us what they want and provide us with enough information to get started. That information allows our designers to produce several logo design concepts. We refine those concepts based on communication with our client. The client tells us what is working for them, what they don't necessarily like, and why certain things are seem very effective. We use that information and perspective to refine an initial concept into an excellent logo design


"Communication works for those who work at it."


John Powell's observation describes the Logo Design Team belief in quality communication. We are always available to our clients. We are responsive, professional, patient and kind. We believe that great communication with our customers lays a foundation from which we can build the best possible logo designs.


Your logo is important. It's not just important to you. It's important to us. We want to produce a final product you love and that is incredibly effective. In order to make that goal a reality, we understand just how critical it is to keep the lines of communication open at all times.


There are hundreds of logo design firms willing to take some information from you and to churn out a logo design. We don't operate that way. Logo Design Team agrees with the sentiments of Anne Morrow Lindbergh that "Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee..." We let our interactions with clients spur us to new heights and to inspire us to create the best possible logo designs.


Your logo is a communication device. It tells the world about you and your business. Ironically, too many logo design firms cut communication during the design process to a minimum. Communication during the process leads to a final logo design that sends a strong, clear message.



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