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How to use lines & shapes

Lines and shapes make up the basic logo design. Each line and each shape you incorporate in your logo design can help in the way your logo as well as your company is perceived. Following are some tips about making use of lines and shapes in logo design.


The Lines that Frame

Your logo's lines can take on a lot of attributes. You can make them all wavy and curly, or you can make them all sharp and straight. You can make them as fine or as thick as you want and you can also decide to make a pattern of similar or contrasting lines. You can also experiment with differently colored lines.


As arbitrary as choosing lines and line types must seem, you should know that lines have symbolic significance. A consistent pattern of similar lines that come one after another, invites flow and directs the eyes of the viewer towards whatever the lines are pointing to. This can be useful placed before the company name or the company initials in iconic logo designs.


Sharp and stiff lines convey formality and tension. You can use this line if you want to convey trustworthiness and steadiness. Including sharply angled lines convey energy and even anger. On the other hand, you should use a lot of curves and gently flowing lines if you want to evoke a feeling of warmth and if you want to take a more personal approach. Logo designs using curves and wavy lines are apt for companies that deal with interior design among others.


The Shapes that Fill

You can use lines and make shapes or you can use lines in combination with distinct shapes in logo design. Similar to lines, shapes also have meanings. The circle means eternity, continuity and protection. This meaning comes from ancient times and people still give the circle the same meaning today. The square makes people think of home and stability. It also conveys fairness. The triangle, on the other hand, makes people think of conflict and hierarchy.


It is fun to experiment with shapes in your logo design. You can choose concentric circles to represent continuity and shelter; but also note that concentric circles make people think of darts target practice. You can use the heart, of course, if your business has something to do with love and romance.


You can also combine different shapes in your logo design. A square and a triangle can make an illustration that signifies the home. This can be used for home-related services such as home equity loans provider or home designers. It could become overly literal, though. For a unique twist, you can combine shapes for an abstract illustration. Taken all together, the shapes do not convey anything in the real world with which people can associate. However, the meanings and symbolisms that each shape used in the logo design can convey just the right mix of emotions and feelings to the person looking at the logo.


Whatever lines and shapes you use in your logo design, just remember to keep everything simple and meaningful. Every element of your logo design must contribute to the unity of your logo's theme.



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