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Pros & Cons of Free Stuff

If you need a company logo immediately and you have no time to commission a logo firm for you, then you will find that you have a treasure trove of online resources just waiting to be explored. There are a multitude of logo design firms on the web that offer easily executable logos that you can make yourself.


Free Online Logo Design: Going About It

Generally, all you'll need to do is select your template logo design, tweak the color, the font, the size, the shadows, and other attributes made available for customization, then run the online logo design creation program and you will get the logo that you yourself have designed. It is very simple, it is very easy, and most importantly it is very convenient. After you have designed your free online logo, you can download it and print it, or post it up on your website.


The Advantages to Free Online Logo Design Creation

As has been mentioned earlier, availing yourself of free online logo design creation software is very convenient. You won't need to make numerous phone calls to logo design firms in your area to create your own logo. You also don't need to raise a ruckus if you don't like your initial logo design; all you'll need to do is change your design attributes and run the program again. The best thing about some free online logo creation software is that you don't need special skills to make your company logo. These programs are very easy to use and you can run countless trials until you get the design you're looking for. The best thing about it, though, is the fact that it's free.


The Disadvantages to Free Online Logo Design Creation

As wonderful as free online logo design programs are, there are certain drawbacks to using them. In some of these programs, for example, you have not much control over your overall logo design. You are given templates from which you can choose then you are given means to modify the design. In the end though, you cannot improve much on a mediocre logo design template.

There are online logo design creation programs and websites that allow you to create a logo from scratch using all their online tools. While this offers more freedom than the template-type logo design programs, the tools provided would still be limiting your final logo output.


When to Use Free and When to Pay

The rule of thumb is, if you are trying to build your brand, you'd better reconsider before using a free online logo design creation. The do-it-yourself logo online is good for making initial drafts and putting up something on your website when time is running out. In the long-term growth of your business, though, you really need the input of professional designers.

There's more to designing a logo than making it look pretty. There are technical aspects to consider like how large it's supposed to be and what graphic type it ought to be. There is also the matter of color psychology that logo design professionals have already mastered. Moreover, the translation of concept to logo design is something logo design professionals are experts at.

At the end of the day, your decision on whether you are going to hire a professional to design your logo or whether you're going to make one yourself online would ultimately depend on how much you value your company logo.



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