What Does Your Logo Say About Your Brand?

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Have you looked at your logo lately? What does it say about your brand? Ideally, your logo should reflect something significant about your brandings such as your trademark, the colors your brand uses on most of your web properties and anything else that makes it unique.

A logo is a symbol. It immediately tells the customer or visitor that they are looking at something that your brand is involved with. So what characteristics should your logo have to communicate the values of your brand?

What about Color?

First, let’s look at color. The color of your logo says something about your brand. Here is a “colorful” and informative infographic that tells you the difference between the different colors.

Some examples of colors and their meaning are below:

– Yellow

Yellow is associated with joy, energy, and the sunshine. Do you have a brand that is cheery and deals with an upbeat theme? If so, yellow may be a good color to incorporate into your brand.

– Green

Green is symbolic of harmony with nature and a sense of calm. It also communicates peacefulness and trustworthiness.

– Purple

Purple is the color of royalty, and it gives the sense of power and luxury to the viewer. If your brand uses purple in your color scheme you will communicate a sense of being above the crowd, so to speak. Other qualities purple represents: glamor, romance, and introspectiveness.

– Black

Black is a power color and is also associated with mystery and prestige. If you have a strong corporate branding, you may want to use black in your branding.

Remember that whatever color you choose; you need to keep it consistent with your branding. Your logo should reflect the ideals and the kind of business or products that you sell and stay true to your company’s business dealings.

Important Brand Qualities

In this short blog post by Vital Design, they state that your logo should always say the following things about you and your brand:

  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge of your brand
  • Understanding of your audience
  • That you keep up with the current trends
  • Uniqueness

All of these qualities are important when building your brand and you need your logo to reflect all of these characteristics as much as possible. Every brand should keep a state of professionalism within everything they do. This gains you respect from clients, customers, and vendors. You should illustrate that you have a strong knowledge of your brand and what you offer your customers. You should also keep up with the current trends within your field and try to satisfy your market. Finally, you should be unique, and your logo should communicate this uniqueness to your target audience.

Keep all of these things in mind when considering how your logo should look and how you will communicate value to others through your branding and logo design.

What Your Logo Says About Your Company

PR Daily states in this post that, “A great company logo becomes synonymous with its identity.” (PR Daily) They go on to discuss some of the most memorable brands such as Apple and McDonald’s and consider the direct association you get when you see these logos. When you see the Nike logo with the “check mark,” you automatically think of Nike, then you think of their credo, “just do it!” All of these things are built into the brand through the effective use of a logo.

It is what it is!

This old saying seems redundant, but there’s a lot of truth in it, too! You cannot make something be something that it is not. You can, however, improve upon it and make it something else! But before we get too deep into the philosophical twist of phrase, let’s apply this to your logo and your branding.

Your brand is what it is. It sells a certain type of products and services for a fee. You charge that fee based on some factors, mostly surrounding the perceived value of what you produce. Your logo is, therefore, a symbol of this value and it portrays at least a hint of what people are going to get when they invest in your brand and use your products or services.

If you want to change what your brand is about, you should start with your company itself and let your logo reflect this change. So that, someday in the future, your brand may indeed be something different as you reflect the changes that occur over time.

“We know what we are, but we know not what we shall be.”

This is one of the great mysteries of life. And Hamlet is surely not the only one who has pondered on this fact.

The Personality of Your Brand

In a sense, your logo reflects the personality or the soul of your brand. Is your brand fun and exciting? Are you in an industry that makes people think of recreation or vacations in sunny Florida? Then maybe yellow and orange are the right colors. If you have a funeral business, though, black may be the only choice that is appropriate.

Think about what your brand represents and the personality of it and what it is saying to others. Then make your logo reflect this.

Lettering and Words

When it comes to lettering and putting words on your logo, you don’t want to overdo it. Remember that your logo is a small asset that will also end up in the app market where people will download your app for your business. You have to think small while also considering how you should encapsulate all of the important factors you want to include.

One letter is considered the best unless doing this will be too confusing for your potential customers or subscribers.

Netflix recently changed their logo to include one letter, the letter, “N.” They had previously had the entire word, “Netflix” as their logo, so there was some confusion about it when they made the change. But most people have gotten used to it now.

That brings up an important point also. Make sure that when you do make changes that you adequately inform people about the change in advance. That way you don’t lose customers in the shuffle.

The Power of Brainstorming

Once you think about all of the aspects of your brand, the colors, the personality, and all of the other aspects you want to reflect in your logo, you’ll want to just take a few minutes to brainstorm. Think of all of the different ways you can picture your logo. Then choose the best three or four.

Get professional advice

Once you have brainstormed ideas, present these ideas to a professional logo design team like LogoDesignTeam.com. We can review your ideas, give you sound suggestions on how to proceed, and even design or redo your logo from top to bottom.

We understand the importance of branding and how your logo should reflect the important aspects of your company’s ideal and products.

Dream big!

Remember your logo may be the only thing people see about your brand. Make it something memorable so that your brand, like McDonald’s, Apple, and Coca-Cola, might be a household word.

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