Social Media Profile Backgrounds Deliver Unlimited Branding

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Social media is one of the most effective methods of branding and advertising in the world today. Through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ anyone can instantly send out a social update and find that it could quickly go viral around the world. A perfect example of this can be seen on Twitter, as they are almost always the first place that breaking news happens and quickly spread throughout the world and to other social networks.

However, you don’t need to have news breaking content to take advantage of what social media has to offer. Across all of the different social platforms out there you have potential access to over 2 billion users. While it may be unlikely that you will ever amass an audience of a billion views or even hundreds of millions of users, it isn’t rare to have thousands of people view your social updates and profile pages on a daily basis.

With that in mind, are you currently using your social profile pages to their full advantage? If not, you could be missing on out some great free advertising and branding with your audience that could lead to increased conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty.

All of that and more will be discussed in today’s article, all about the power of branding and advertising through the use of social platforms.

What are Your Social Media Marketing Goals?

First thing first, you need to know why you or your brand are on social media in the first place and what you expect to get out of it. For most brands, it’s all about building a following and having a new way to connect with their audiences. The question here is… are you “just on social media”, or is your brand really increasing engagements and brand loyalty through social media.

Here are some useful tips to help you find a better ROI through social media.

  • Create a social profile account on all the major social networks
  • Keep your name and branding consistent across all mediums
  • Rebrand and create your content based off each networks requirements
  • Publish content and social updates during peak hours of engagement

By having these key elements in place when focusing on social media, you will already see improved results from the beginning.

How to Use Social Media for Continued Brand Exposure

One of the most exciting aspects of social media is the customization each network offers. For example, Facebook will allow you to upload a profile picture and background, but they will also allow you to create Fan Pages for businesses and brands. Twitter is great because of their massive reach and ability to scan through thousands of tweets that may be updating through your news feed in any given moment. While all of this is going on, your Twitter avatar and background can be seen by millions of users on a daily basis. Lastly, don’t forget to throw Google+ into the mix. This social network also allows for extended branding and advertising through their customizable backgrounds and profile images.

With all of this in mind… how many people are actively viewing your social profiles in a given day? Even if it’s just 1,000 views per day per network, that adds up to over a million views per year! For a much larger brand or individual following, we could be talking hundreds of millions of views over the course of the year.

Now that you are probably looking at the exposure and branding power of social media in a new way, it’s time to show how you can implement these methods into each of the major social networks you are likely already using. Best of all, not only are we experts in logo design, we also specialize in creating custom social profile backgrounds and images. Let’s take a look at some examples below.

Facebook – The King of Social Networks

As the most popular social network in the world today, Facebook changed how we share information and life updates with people around the world. With over 1.3 billion active users on their site, it’s safe to say this social platform isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Even though MySpace was the first real social network, it was the engagement of Facebook that made it a real winner. What people will remember most and love about MySpace, was the ability to customize profile pages and make them their own. Facebook has a much cleaner design, but they still kept many of these similar features in place, allowing users to customize their profile picture and background images.

So now the question is… when someone goes to your personal profile page, or even the Fan Page for your site, brand or business… what type of message are they seeing?

Twitter – Where World News Happens First

Even with the massive growth, reach and valuation that Facebook has, it would be a huge mistake to not take advantage of Twitter as well. Twitter is perfect for bringing exposure to your brand or business, simply because they make it so easy. Create an account, upload your logo as your avatar and then throw up a customize background image to show your audience what it is you do.

This type of branding and marketing works extremely well on Twitter because everyone is looking to make quick visits to profile pages and see what everyone is tweeting about. Even though users might be on your page for just a few seconds, this immediate branding and exposure can deliver continued exposure and new customers to your brand.

How much better would your audience know your brand or service if you had a profile background like one of these?

Google Plus – Still a Great Social Platform for Brands

When the average person thinks about social networks, they probably don’t think about Google+. Since Google pretty much controls what happens on the internet and also provides user and email accounts for millions of people around the world, they wanted to get into the social game as well. Thus Google+ was created.

Google+ is most popular among brands and business, but they also have a good amount of general users in that mix as well. While you probably won’t get the same reach and exposure as you would on Facebook and Twitter, it would be wise to still invest in a premium custom background to throw on your page. Just take a look at a few of the examples below. They are sure to give you some ideas for how you could create a memorable first impression every time someone visits your Google+ profile page.

How to Make Social Media Your 24/7 Advertising Billboard

When it comes to branding and marketing on the internet, it’s all a numbers game. Try not to look at everything as a whole, or even just the big picture. Social media offers the ability to reach over 2 billion users at any given time. If just 1,000 people are seeing your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ social profiles every single day (which is pretty easy to accomplish), that’s over a million impressions per year! Are you using this massive exposure to your advantage?

Contact today so we can create a whole set of custom social profile images and background for your brand or business. Because you need a makeover and we give that!