7 Tips for Better Blog Management and SEO Rankings

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Online marketing experts all around the globe tell us about the particular importance of blogging for our businesses. Yes, they have all rights to say so, because blogging:

  • Drives traffic to your website,
  • Increases your SEO,
  • Positions your brand as an industry leader,
  • Develops better customer relationships.

All in all, successful blogging should lead to increased sales at the end (or to achieving any other goal that you set at the very beginning).

But for many businesses hard life starts when the blog page is created and a new question arises “So, what next?”. What to write about? How much time and efforts to invest in the blog? How to promote it? etc. etc.

However, the truth is – Blogging is not that much difficult if done correctly. And following our seven useful tips you have all the chances for making blogging more manageable, fun and successful. So let’s try together.

1. Create a realistic, manageable schedule

Never overestimate your capabilities. Obviously, it is important that your blog looks filled with information and has at least 3-5 articles to start with. You can prepare them in advance, while your blog page is being created. But then cool down and understand your real capabilities. It is totally not bad to start with one post a week, 300-500 words per article. This makes your task much more manageable. Remember, you don’t need to blog every day or write a novel – high-quality content is much more important. So create a schedule and keep to it!

2. Don’t take it all on yourself

Even if it was your idea to start a blog, it doesn’t mean that you should be the only one to write everything. Involve your employees, vendors and experts from your industry in writing articles for your blog. Guest bloggers can really bring new ideas and impulse to your blog. Moreover, involving others in writing for your blog will free up a lot of your time.

3. Keep an idea file

Very often at the beginning it seems quite easy to choose topics for your blog articles. But after some time many bloggers face with the problem of “What to write about in the next article so not to repeat what has been already written?”. In order to solve this problem, don’t wait until the last moment. Jot down notes throughout the week when ideas come to you. Get ideas from notes, magazines and the internet. And when the time of writing a new article comes, you will definitely know what to write about.

4. Don’t reinvent the wheel

It is not always necessary to come up with completely new content. Check – probably you already have content on your website or on offline printed materials that you can easily convert into a new blog post.

5. Remember why you are doing it

There are a lot of reasons for blogging, from improving your SEO to building authority in your particular field. Set your purpose and keep remembering it. There are goals and there is a payoff. Remember that, and it will give you more motivation.

6. It’s part of your job

Well, doesn’t matter what kind of products or services you provide. If you want to sell it – online marketing, social media, and blogging especially should be a part of your job. Yes, blogging isn’t just something you do in your free time. It is an important part of your job that must be done.

7. …And have fun!

Finally, enjoy what you do! If you love your job, learn to love blogging about it. Once you find a way to write about the things you enjoy, your task will become a lot more manageable.

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