How to Create the Right Imagery in Your Logo Design

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How does your imagery look in your logo design? If you are looking for ways to make your logo better, you may want to concentrate on your graphic design. The graphics that you use in your logo help define not only your logo but your brand. It will be everywhere that you promote your brand in a variety of formats and platforms. So your logo needs to be right on the front end.

How do you get the imagery right in your logo design?

When you are working on your logo, how can you be sure you are getting your imagery right in your logo? What standards do you use to determine whether it’s good enough? When you are creating your logo, it’s sometimes hard to step back and be objective. It helps to have another pair of eyes to look at your logo to see what they think. Aside from having another opinion, here are some tips you may want to follow if you are creating your logo.

  • Consider where it will reside.– When creating a new graphic image for your logo, you should always remember to keep the end result in mind. This applies to any media but especially to professional logo design. This involves knowing the requirements for different web locations as well as considering the audience and types of people who come to the sites. For example, there are specific types of sizes and formats for Facebook and social media graphics that work better with the social media audience.

  • Consider color carefully.– The color is one of the most important factors in your logo, so this should be considered carefully before deciding on a color combination. Do you want to use the primary colors, blend colors together, or use one color such as white or black as the background? You’ll also need to consider the graphics you use and how they will blend with your logo background.
  • Know the size dimensions for various platforms.– Different platforms require different dimensions and formats for their platform to optimize the look for best quality. You should have resources that show you how large to make your logo and graphics so that it will display professionally on these sites.
  • Consider shape.– All professional logos start with a basic shape such as an oval, square, or circle. Then you build the design around this basic shape. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are now available at a premium monthly rate, making them more affordable to use as a design tool.
  • Create multiple format types.– If you are creating your business logo, you need to remember that you’ll need various formats to place it in different locations. You’ll need a vector format so that you can create multiple other formats from the file and make changes. You’ll also need a web format so that you can put it on your website and other locations on the web.

Getting Starting withYour Design

If you have decided to do it yourself regarding your logo, you may want to take a few online courses from sites such as or to get some ideas on technique. There are tons of creative and artistic courses available from these locations, and many of them are available for free.

Once you have the basics of design down, you may want to branch out and try developing your own using Photoshop or another similar program. The most basic program that you can get started with that is already likely on your computer is Paint. Paint is an old program that was boxed with the original Windows 3.11 years ago and continues to be included on most Windows operating systems. To our knowledge, it is still available with Windows 7 or earlier.

Whatever program you decide to use, don’t make it too complicated or spend too much time trying to figure out what you should do. Just play with the shapes, colors, and textures, and see what you like.

One tool we like is This is a straightforward online creation tool that allows you to create a professional text logo online. They focus mostly on text, but they have recently added a way to import graphics as well. They feature several different types of logo textures and colors, so this site gives you a chance to try out different looks, especially if your logo is only going to feature the name of your brand.

Also, be sure to check out these other 3D logo makers as well.

Original or Cookie-Cutter?

The only problem with a site like this is that you cannot create a 100% original logo or graphic. Like any online tool, it is easy to create something using their tools, and you can then download your design and use it as you wish with no restrictions.

However, keep this in mind: if you can create a logo on this site, so can your competitors. This means that your logo can easily be emulated and copied without you being able to control how it is used. While you own the copyright (under Common Law Copyright) for the image or text logo you create, there is nothing unique about it.

This makes it less professional for you if you want to use your logo for branding purposes.

The Best Way to Get a Professional Logo

So what is the best way to get a professional logo? You may want to consider hiring it done by a professional logo design team who specializes in the art of logo creation. That way, you know that your design will be 100% original, you will not have to worry about it being copied or used in ways that violate your rights, and you can have the logo trademarked in your company name to protect its originality.

You can do all of this while making sure that the imagery and graphics are all done right as well by using At, we love logo design. We know all of the resources and tools that can help us create the perfect logo for your brand and how to build multiple versions of the logo so that you can easily use it on multiple platforms and sites.

Why We are the Best in Logo Design Services

If you would like us to help you create a professional logo for your brand, contact us. Look at our professional online portfolio to see what we have already done for our satisfied clients. We enjoy capturing the personality and philosophy of various brands through our artistic design and creation process.

Fill out our online form to get started and to get a free quote, and we will get back with you as soon as possible to discuss your business logo. We don’t use online automation tools to create your logo. While these are convenient, we believe in building every customer logo from scratch, based on their preferences and ideas for their business.

It’s important to get your imagery right, as well as all of the other aspects of your logo. Your logo is, after all, a symbol for your brand, and you just can’t afford to make a mistake with this. Contact today to get started.