7 Ways to Use Your Logo to Generate More Sales and Leads

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Did you know you can use your logo to generate more sales and leads? It’s true! It may seem funny to say that your logo will make your sales, but remember that your logo is all a part of your branding and branding is a huge part of the sales process.

In this article, we are going to break down the many components your logo design will play in your branding, sales, products and how your customers look at everything you ever promote or sell.

How is your logo connected to your sales record?

One of the reasons that your logo is so important to your income stream is because it communicates value and quality. People start to think of your logo each time they use your brand because your brand is so integrated within your logo.

Over time, they create an automatic association between your brand and your logo. When they see the logo, they recall your name, for better or worse. Below are seven tips we came up with to help you market your brand and how to use your logo to increase your bottom line.

Market your brand, not just a product.

Remember that when you market a product, you get a sale. But when you market your brand, you get a customer for life. Consider Apple and how Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook and the others at Apple work tirelessly to convince people that Apple is the only brand you should have when it comes to mobile devices, such as iPads, and iPhones.

They have been successful partly because of their marketing plan to create such hype with the release of each product so that it seems everything they made was 100% perfect. This is not true, of course, and Apple has had some different problems associated with their iPhones, as well as iPads, and even their iOS operating systems.

But you don’t hear about that part. You just see the Apple logo and think “quality.” How has Apple won time and time again? Because they have created a brand that communicated value. Starting from the early days when Steve Jobs insisted on only the very best quality parts for all of his computers to the current day when nothing but an Apple will do among Apple users, Apple has succeeded in creating a brand that is considered among the finest in the world, despite their occasional mess-ups.

When you create this automatic association between your brand and your logo and between your products and your brand, you create a level of fanaticism for your brand that is hard to beat.

Think of your mobile market.

Nowadays, you can’t think about marketing your brand without considering the mobile market. There are over 2.34 billion mobile users as I write this and by 2017, this figure is expected to continue to increase dramatically. That’s because it has become both easy and practical to shop, talk, email, and get things done while “on the go.” Mobile users are also demanding more. This means your brand has to be ready to fill that need when your customers want it.

Here’s where your logo comes in. Your logo must be mobile-friendly too. You should think of your logo design as the mobile app icon that you will include with your business app. If you don’t have a business app, you should get one as soon as possible.

Then think about your logo and how it will look in the mobile market. It needs to be something that your customers will connect with and remember and that they will return to. Remember that you want customers to keep your app on their mobile devices because that allows you to create push notifications to update them and stay on their radar.

Stay open to change.

Even if you think you already have the best possible logo, there could still be room for improvement. If you think your logo needs a makeover, with the start of a new year looming, it’s a great time to invest in giving your logo a facelift.

Even just a slight change in the color combination, lettering, the size of the letters or shape can make a big difference in the minds of your visitors.

Think about how it looks on the app store and how inviting it will be to shop with you using your current logo. Appearance does matter, and even a small change may make a big difference in your bottom line.

Creating Perceived Value

There is a difference between real value and perceived value. Real value usually refers to the actual “sales market” value or monetary value of an item, product, or service.

Creating this perceived value is your ultimate goal as an online entrepreneur and merchant. This gets to the psychology of how and why people decide to purchase and what motivates them to choose one over another.

Your logo cannot achieve all of this by itself. But your logo design, along with the other aspects of your website, your products, and your brand, work together to create perceived value in the minds of your buyers.

Color is Psychological.

Another way you can use your logo to increase your sales and customer base is to know the meaning of various colors that you plan to use in your brand. This goes beyond the subliminal level. Many people know what the colors stand for. So creating an app in a dynamic color combination will go a long way toward improving your popularity among your target audience.

If you don’t know what the colors stand for universally, here is a good resource.

Make it talk.

Another way to increase your income and revenue with your brand and your logo is to make it talk. In other words, use something such as an integrated chat feature, direct connections to social media platforms, and other online assets to open up the lines of communication. Your logo cannot do this alone. But if your logo is included in your mobile applications and you also include chat capabilities in your app, this can help you connect directly to customers and improve your engagement levels.

Be careful about sudden changes.

When you do change your logo, be careful about changing too much too fast. A sudden change in your logo can make it unrecognizable to your customers. Make sure you announce the change far in advance or consider making subtle changes along the way so that you will not confuse your current customers.

You don’t want to lose people who are already committed to your brand in the process of sprucing up your logo.

There are many ways you can use your logo to increase sales. Some of these tips may prove helpful when you are planning to spruce up your logo or add something to it. The best advice is to seek out the help of a professional logo designer such as logodesignteam.com when you are making changes in your logo.

Planning is important, and you need always to keep in mind the impact that your logo will have on your brand and your current customers.

But if your logo needs a little more love, see us. We’re the logo design experts at Logo Design Team. Because we do it right. Contact us here!