6 of the Best Logo Design Courses Found on Udemy

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Are you interested in learning logo design so you can create your logo? Udemy has thousands of courses on all kinds of creative skills including website design, logo design, and infographic design, to name a few. If you are looking for a way to learn to create professional logos, you may be able to find a course on Udemy that will fit your needs.

The following Udemy courses will help you to learn some of the basics of logo design so that you can brainstorm some basic ideas to get your logo started. In addition to each of the courses listed below including a detailed description and it’s quoted price, we also advise you search for Udemy coupons online, as these can instantly bring the course prices down to just $10 or $15 each. This doesn’t apply to all courses, but a great majority of the ones found on Udemy.

How to Design a Logo: A Beginner’s Course

The How to Design a Logo: A Beginner’s Course is available on Udemy.com for anyone interested in learning about the logo design process. Taught by Tara Roskell, a professional logo designer, this course takes you through the entire process from sketching out a rough draft idea to the finished product.

You’ll need at least a trial version of Adobe Illustrator to get started. The course takes the perspective of someone trying to show other logo designers how to present projects before a client. However, it shows you the process of design in a very primary way, so it might be a good first online course for a business owner who wants to learn how to create their own. It might also appeal to anyone who is planning on working with a professional design team, and they need some standard to base their process on.

The course is currently priced at $15, half off the regular price but may go back to $30 soon. It is 2.5 hours long.

See a video preview of the course and decide for yourself if it might be a good way to introduce yourself into the world of logo design.

Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design + Illustrator

Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design + Illustrator is taught by Dr. Chad Neuman, expert logo designer and graphic artist.

Neuman has been a professional logo designer for some graphic design magazines and publications and has worked as a freelance graphic designer for many years.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Describe the qualities of effective logo design
  • Apply logo design principles
  • Brainstorm logo designs using freewriting, mind mapping, and word association
  • Produce quality logo designs
  • Apply effective color in logo design
  • Use Adobe Illustrator to design, create, and export quality logos in various formats

This course teaches you a lot about Adobe Illustrator, as well as logo design, so you’ll learn two skills at the same time. Adobe Illustrator is a great tool to use for a variety of creative projects.

Like the first course on our list of course recommendations, this course is designed primarily for logo designers who wish to make a career as a professional logo designer. However, the techniques illustrated in this course will show business owners how to design an original logo from start to finish by watching the lessons on design. The lectures that deal with how to set up a logo design business and get clients could be skipped if you are the business owner who just wants to learn how to design a logo from scratch.

View the video here and sign up if you’re interested.

Logo Design Made Easy: Create Your Own Logo in PowerPoint

Logo Design Made Easy: Create your logo in PowerPoint is a course that focuses on use PowerPoint to create your business or professional logo. It is taught by Fenna Koojimans, owner, and CEO of Fentastic Designs.

Koojimans shows the beginning logo designer how to create a logo from the tools that are readily accessible within PowerPoint, rather than buying an expensive software to do it. Fenna is unique in that she has run her logo design business for years by creating logos only within the PowerPoint framework and endorses it as an excellent alternative to hiring expensive designers or buying expensive software.

The course is only $15 to take the 1-hour on-demand video class. View the promotional video and see if this might be a good jumping-off point for you.

Typographic Logos: Typography and Lettering for Logo Design

Typographic Logos: Typography and Lettering for Logo Design is taught by surf clothing designer, Ray Dombroski. He has been designing the logos and graphics for the surfing industry for several years and has done work for such big brands as Billabong, Ocean Pacific, and BodyGlove.

He uses his knowledge in designing typographic logos (logos with lettering only) in this course that you can take for $15 currently on Udemy.

View the video here and see if it might be a good course to take if you’re considering designing a logo for your business that is focused on the lettering.

Logo design: How To Design an Awesome Logo in Illustrator

Logo design: How To Design an Awesome Logo in Illustrator is a course that explores the uses of Adobe Illustrator with logo design. Like many other courses on the Udemy platform, Adobe Illustrator is often the tool of choice to create professional logos.

The course is taught by Dawid Tuminski, who is a certified Adobe design expert. He has worked with some logo projects and has the knowledge to show you how to start a logo project and render it to use with your business.

Some of the key concepts Tuminski teaches in this course include:

  • How to Use Adobe Illustrator’s interface to design logos
  • Learning basic standard logo design principles
  • How to choose fonts and use typography in a professional manner
  • The correct way to create shapes and choose color
  • Using Illustrator’s transforming techniques

The course was original $195, but you can get it for awhile at only $15. This may be a good course for business owners who just want to get their feet wet using Adobe Illustrator and use it to create a primary logo.

View the promotional video and see what you think!

Music Production-Produce Your Own Audio Logos

Music Production-Produce Your Own Audio Logos is presented by studio musician and artist, Gary Hiebner.

This is a unique approach to logo design, and it focuses on the audio soundtrack that you can use to accompany your graphic art work and typography. This is a fun and informative course that shows you how to include music in your logo. Use it to learn how to implement audio into your logo then try it for yourself.

Preview the video promo for this course and see if adding audio to your logo might help you make your logo more special.

Finding a Logo Designer

We hope these courses will serve to teach you some basic skills in a logo or graphic design or offer some particular technique that you can use for your logo idea. Even if you decide to hire a professional logo design team, you can use these courses to learn more about logo design, sketch out a few ideas, then present it to a designer to try.

Contact us at logodesignteam.com and tell us what you envision for your professional business logo. We have years of experience in logo design, and we can simplify the process of logo design for you.