Name & Tagline Development

Let us give your business a name

Name & Tagline Development - for Company, Brand, Product and Service

Your amazing company names and taglines inspire us to create exceptional logos for you. But what if you still don't have a company name? In that case, order our new service - Name & Tagline Development. Hhenceforth by name and/or tagline we refer either company, product, service or other name and/or tagline.

Types of Names We Offer

  • Real Words
  • Compounds
  • Phrases
  • Blends
  • Tweaked Words
  • Affixed Words
  • Puns
  • People's Names (real or fictitious)
  • Initials and Acronyms

Name & Tagline/Slogan Development Process

It is as easy and clear as to what we offer our clients:

1. Briefing - Once you decide to go further with Logo Design Team's Name & Tagline/Slogan Development service, just send us the information about your planned business/products/services. To help us make your company name or/and tagline memorable and unique, we suggest you to list all the features that differentiate your business/products/services from others.

2. Name Development - The name development process starts right after you place an order. Our brand name specialists investigate the main characteristics of your business/products/services and introduce name ideas and suggestions within 2-3 working days. To achieve better results, we involve at least two of our creative brand name specialists in every name development process.

3. Domain Availability Checking - We always ensure that the relevant .com domain (or any other TLD that you specified while placing the order) is available before presenting you with the ideas and suggestions about company name.

4. Concept Presentation - We present you with business/service/product name ideas along with a short description (not applicable to Budget package) explaining thoughts/vision behind each name and why it is suitable for your company. Depending upon the package you have chosen, we offer additional refinement based on your feedback.

5. Tagline/Slogan Development - If you also want us to develop a memorable tagline/slogan for your company, we will start working on it as soon as the company name is chosen. The initial tagline/slogan ideas and suggestions will be delivered to you within the next 2-3 working days.

Note: If you already have a company name, you can order our Tagline/Slogan Development Service only.