Clothes change in your Wardrobe, so do the Website Designing Trends in 2014!


If music is the food of singers, creativity is the food of website. The more creative you can be, the more you will succeed to impress the visitors. Just think once, what do you do when you visit a website and find it dull and drab, or colorless? Leave the site with a bad impression, right? Probably you don’t even bother to read the content. At least any normal human being would do so. When you ask yourself why you didn’t like the website, you will see the main focus would be on the fact that the design was not soothing; the color was either too dull or too fluorescent. Even small buttons and user unfriendly navigations also reduce the score. If the website is not visually stunning, if the pages are not user friendly, then no matter how wonderful the content is, it is a failure.

The major mistakes:

  • The first and major mistake that any website designer does is to overpower the site with moving images. Although dynamic images attract the eyes, but too much of dynamism disturbs the focus. You might end up being lost in the light of Time Square, New York.
  • People do not tend to scroll down beyond the average page limit. So long pages will not work.
  • Small buttons with confusing navigation will end up making the visitors’ face red!

What are the new trends of website designing?

When we think of “trend” the first thing that comes to our minds is fashion. But as fashion changes, so does the website design trend. Monotonous is out, creative is in. The key features that make any website design grab the attention among others are:

  • Clear icons
  • Bold colors
  • Data integration
  • Web typography
  • Parallax scrolling

Technology is there to help you; all you have to do is stop your brain from rusting. Using the D3.js tool all the data related to your website can be incorporated to the design in the most innovative way. Of course the innovation varies from person to person and the outcome depends on the creativity. Adobe, Frere-Jones, Hoefler and many other font foundries create such beautiful and digital fonts. If the font is not catchy, not beautiful, then it will not appeal to the eyes.

Some of the latest trends in the year 2014 are:

3D is out 2D is in. Flat designs that do not have shadows or effects which make the website look 3 dimensional, is the new trend of designing. Simply, old designs are back!

Parallax scrolling is an amazing way for creating an impression of a story telling. Watch this out!

This may also include the incorporation of several pages into one page as done in this and also the merging of different fonts interestingly.

Read the entire article? Forget all the rules and keep one thing in mind – be creative! If you do not have this little quality, do not design a website yourself, rather try and hire an expert who can help you achieve your goals.

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